Repairing windows is always more cost efficient

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Why replace your windows if you can repair them?

Repairing wooden windows is inexpensive and better for the environment!

The Repair Care system costs a fraction of the price of replacing and as little as 10% of the replacement cost.
It’s an affordable alternative and the fixed areas are virtually invisible after been painted and will last a lifetime.

Repairing Wooden windows is less time consuming, cost effective & environmentally friendly.

Did you know that, in most cases, 95% of the wood from rotten windows is still in good condition? Replacing a partially affected window doesn’t only sounds contradictory, it is. Repair Care is the permanent solution for repairing your wooden window.

The advantages

  • You can save up to 90% of costs when repairing and not replacing wooden windows
  • Minimal disruption because no window and glass replacement is neeeded
  • Less risk of damage to stucco, tilework, windowsill etc
  • The replacement of single glazing doesn’t have to be a reason to replace your window frames. In almost every case it is possible to do this in the existing frame.
  • Repairing wood has a positive impact on the environment

Repair Care provides you the solution for your wood rot!

Repair Care Who are we?

For over 20 years Repair Care International has been the acknowledged leader in repairs for historic buildings, local authority housing and schools. Our flexible repairs protects from future water ingress and by keeping the wood more stable can even increase the performance of the paint system.

In the area of products that can repair your wood rot, we can proudly say that we have the most knowledge to help you!

Engage a professional. Need a professional?

The application of Repair Care may require a specialists expertise.
You can use Repair Care to hire a qualified company. You will be assured of a sustainable wood rot repair.

A professional can establish the cause of the wood rot, repair the wood rot and can guarentee a permanent solution. On top of that trained professionals have the expertise to prevent future wood rot through wood rot repairs.